Main Branch

3405 West 1987 South
Salt Lake City , UT 84104
Phone: 801-975-9693
Hours: 9am – 5pm Mon – Fri

To find additional locations, you can call: 1-888-SITE-CO-OP (888-748-3266)

Our credit union is listed under “LU 354 IBEW Federal Credit Union”, so be sure the tellers begin looking up our credit union alphabetically beginning with LU.

Please use our online form for communications to us. It can also be used as a contact point in the event of a disaster to the credit union.

The form is not a secure means of communication. Do not send account numbers, personal information, inquire about specific account information, or request changes to your account records when corresponding with this email.


Phone Teller
800-530-6624 Toll Free

To report lost or stolen cards call our office during business hours.
After hours number call 1-800-543-5073.

To activate your Visa the phone number is 1-800-543-5073

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